Weekly update from TrustyFi: march 19, 2024

Mar 19, 2024

This is it, web3 is about to become a safer and more reliable place.

TrustyFi is starting to come to life and we are beginning to ground the project that has been in our minds for months.

Every week we want to share the most important updates to keep you up to date with platform development and make you part of our journey.

What we did this week?

✅ We developed our landing page that can now be reached at the domain trusyfi.io and we will keep it constantly up to speed to share with you all important information and comprehensively explain all the features.

You know, transparency is always important but for us even more so…

✅We expanded our team by bringing in a new member to help us manage our socials, we are developing dissemination formats to make clear how essential user trust and feedback are (even better if blockchain-verified)

✅We have developed our pitch deck to introduce ourselves to angel investors, investment funds, and launchpads.

For this week these were the most important events, see you soon.

— TrustyFi Team: march 19, 2024

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